John Boehner Resigns Now?

As if the visit by Pope Francis wasn’t enough of a ground-shaking event, this morning was greeted by a quake that emanated from the very base of the Republican Party.

‘Simple As That’: Boehner Decided To Resign Today

John Boehner Resigns?

It has been a bone of contention for quite some time now. The enmity between Boehner and the balance of his Caucus was tormenting to watch. It was also horribly damaging to our Country and to the political process in general. The American Voter pretty much decided that the only thing Congress was capable of doing was in-fighting and stone-walling. Pundits are pretty sure it’s why the leaders in the Republican race for the President are as non-Politician as you can get.

Voter Disenfranchisement That Right-Wing Media Said Wouldn’t Happen Is Definitely Happening

But perhaps there’s a less obvious but more responsible reason for John Boehner to resign right now. Perhaps he’s been reading a few plays from President Obama’s book.

Power of the Lame Duck

President Obama has suddenly discovered that being a “Lame Duck” ain’t such a bad thing. He has been able to push, and push hard, to accomplish some of the most important goals of his presidency. Not having to worry about being re-elected means his hands are much more free than ever before. He can really knuckle into people, bully them if necessary, and get done what needs doing.

Obama redefines the lame duck presidency

John Boehner and the Republican Caucus

Over the past several years, Speaker John Boehner has fought tooth and nail with the TEA Party faction within the Republican Congress. Everything from Obamacare to (now) the de-funding of Planned Parenthood. He has recognized that Compromise is that absolutely critical component of any democratic government. And he has realized his party would not allow him to reach one. He’s been jammed in a tight crack, beaten mercilessly for it … and ultimately given no way to escape unscathed.

John Boehner – Lame Speaker?

But now that he’s announced his resignation, and more important that he’s planning on staying a full month past the inevitable Government Shutdown, he has a power that can only come from being able to fight the “Last Stand of the 300” in a way that can really benefit the country. And if John Boehner cares about anything, it is that our country survive intact and healthy.

So maybe, just maybe, Speaker Boehner has discovered a way to win. Win for us. Win for the moderate sensible folks that realize Government must Compromise to Survive. And maybe we should all just tell him “Thanks.”

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