Carly Fiorina and The Power of Her Words

American Society has once again been attacked by a mentally unstable person wielding a high-powered gun. By the time the attacker was stopped, three more innocent lives had been snuffed out. We do not know exactly why he carried out the act, but we can surmise a pretty good motivator for it: The impassioned and blatantly incorrect words spoken by Carly Fiorina. The only problem is, she claims her words were impotent and had absolutely no effect or relationship to the horrific murders.

The Power of Passion

In an early Republican Debates hosted by CNN, Ms. Fiorina took part of her time and made a very passionate appeal regarding her intentions for Planned Parenthood. Her end goal was the de-funding of the agency by act of Congress. The linchpin in her justification was the absolutely gruesome and abhorrent videos showing the dissection of recently aborted fetuses and the cavalier narration of the (supposed) Planned Parenthood doctors as they discussed how much money they would make from each part. It was clear to all that heard her words, she was very much decided on both the validity of the videos and her desired response. She wanted the barbaric practices of Planned Parenthood to stop … and stop right now!

The only problem is that those videos are widely known to be largely faked, heavily edited and not worth the pixels they’re printed on.

The Power of Powerful Words

What Ms. Fiorina intended during her sermon was to sway the opinions of many minds tuned in to hear her speak. She wanted to convince those listening to either change their minds and agree with her intentions, or at least take the time to listen and perhaps start leaning her way. She wanted to make changes in our country, the programs our government funds, and the majority opinion of American Voters.

What she did not expect, but probably should have, was the unintended consequences of those very fiery words. Consequences that are spat forth from minds that are not quite stable, easily roused to acts of anger and violence, and also equally able to lay hands on weapons that can snuff out lives in mere seconds. What Ms. Fiorina did not fully contemplate was the true horror of the reactions by those people with a less than full grasp on reality. People like the murderer at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.

Carly Fiorina’s Backpedal

After the initial reports came out that the shooter was most likely motivated by irrational anger at Planned Parenthood, and after it was reported that his first words to officials may have referenced “baby parts”, it was natural that many would look back to Ms. Fiorina’s near-tearful rending of her robes as she decried the brutality of Planned Parenthood. It was a logical conclusion to consider that perhaps she had managed to sway some opinions and to motivate some Americans to action. And it was simple human tragedy on display that those actions included the murder of three innocent human beings.

But not to worry. We have been reassured by Ms. Fiorina that her words really had no power to convince or sway. It wasn’t her fault because clearly when she speaks with such raw emotion on such a tender subject, no one really listens anyway. She is absolutely positive that any suggestion of a connection between her powerful words of revulsion and the actions of the shooter at Planned Parenthood are nothing more than a “Left Wing” smear campaign of some sort. After all, she has no power to convince or persuade.

Responsibility and Acceptance

By her own words, Carly Fiorina has proclaimed her absolute impotence as a leader. She has insisted … loudly … in every media outlet possible that the killing of two fathers and a mother were not a result of her leadership or public speaking skills. She has side-stepped all responsibility for the actions of those that listened to her, but only if those deeds weren’t what she had intended. Those that choose to do what she really intended are the okay ones. The okay ones she is willing to accept responsibility for motivating, just not those that didn’t do what she had hoped they would do.

That’s the reason Responsibility is such a heavy thing to accept sometimes. It is weightiest when thrust upon us; dropped on our shoulders when we are least expecting it and also least prepared to handle it. Responsibility is not painful or difficult to manage when the circumstances are favorable and comfortable. But Responsibility is most important when it IS painful and near impossible to take on. It is the truest test of a Leader’s character and suitability to lead. It is the time when we can get the measure of the person proclaiming their desire to lead. And it is also that time when we can see in plain light of day why that person is not and will not be suitable for that role.

Carly Fiorina’s Failure

She should have taken on the heavy mantle of leadership at that moment. She should have stepped up and agreed that her words were twisted into something of equal horror and disgust by a mind that knew only how to hurt and destroy. While it is true that she never intended for anyone to go to the extremes shown by the man who killed innocent people at Planned Parenthood, she should nevertheless have taken the shot to the chin and used it to springboard into conversations (and perhaps solutions) that would minimize or eliminate similar responses and massacres in the future.

But she didn’t. And that was a failure that we cannot tolerate in our future President.

“Those who will not accept responsibility for a failure,
Cannot claim responsibility for the solution.”


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