Why Do You Hate Obama?

Presidential Elections are always rife with big words spoken in loud voices, primarily to boost your own standing by dragging your opponent down. It works, so it gets used. But for the past eight years, we as a country have been inundated by a form of speech that is based on something else. We are awash in words, lectures, speeches and essays all written with one sentiment: “I Hate Obama.”

But why?

Obama as a Democrat

America has two major political parties. Members of one party routinely attack members of the other. It’s part of the game. Our own history has proven that the bottom of the rhetoric cesspool is a long way down. Thus it’s no surprise that the Republican mantra has been along the lines of “Obama sucks as President.” It’s backed up with examples that are said to perfectly demonstrate why he sucks. But lately those examples, and more importantly, the anger and hatred embodied in the words have reached a new level.

Is your hatred for President Obama based on his political party?

Obama as a Man

President Obama has pushed through a number of initiatives and Executive Actions that have given away some of the Political Clout previously reserved just for men. He has been more open to sharing power with women, and he has been willing to listen and grow as our country has changed. Bottom line though, to some very die-hard male power-mongers, he has betrayed the “Man Code” by allowing lesser people (meaning “not men”) to exert some measure of control over our country.

Is your hatred for President Obama based on his betrayal of the Man Code?

Obama as a Black Man

History is something made in this country every day. When President Obama was first elected in 2008, then re-elected in 2012, it set a historical precedent that had long been expected but dreaded all the same. He was the first African American elected to the highest office in the land. Unfortunately there are still quite a few people left in this country that decide a person’s value based on the color of their skin. Thus we have been besieged by eight years of unreasoning hate speech accusing the President of all sorts of bad things, based solely on his heritage. I say “unreasoning” because no amount of hearing the truth will ever sway some people away from their hate. Their ears are closed and they refuse to hear anything else other than what they believe.

Is your hatred for President Obama based on his race?

Me in 2008

During the presidential race of 2007-2008, I was working full time and in constant contact with a number of people. I say “in contact” when what I really mean is “they sent me one or more emails per day explaining why Obama was a disaster in the making.” I was a busy man, up to my eyeballs in my professional and personal responsibilities. Like many of us, I didn’t really have the time to think about anything. I just did, did fast, and moved along.

That also meant that I formed an opinion of Barack Obama based on the “contact” I was receiving. As the election approached, I began to fear more and more that the outcome would be a Democratic President.

Then I listened to his acceptance speech. I actually took the time to LISTEN to his words. I was dumbstruck. What he was saying, the words he chose to utter on his very first day .. made sense. They actually paralleled my sentiments and dreams for my country. I suddenly found myself agreeing with him. Imagine that! Me, agreeing with Obama!

This only happened because I took the time to listen. I also took the effort to open my ears, allow myself to consider all the points in play, and permit myself to change my opinion … if so warranted. Turns out, it was a good thing to do. But before I took the time, I had a very solid opinion.

Is your hatred for President Obama based on your lack of time?

Rational Thought

We are all adults. Those of us that vote in this country are all capable of making up our own minds. That is not only our right as American Citizens, it also happens to be our supreme responsibility. But lately we have shirked that duty and instead fallen into the easy habit of spouting hatred, violence and division based on such flimsy reasons as political party, gender and race.

Challenge yourself. Ask yourself why it is that you do hate President Obama. If you come to the conclusion that it’s because of irrelevant reasons then you should reconsider that hatred. And if you come to believe you have valid reasons then by all means, keep on hating. But at least be rational enough to be honest with yourself.

Rational Thought: It was what started this country, and we need it now more than ever.

Want to agree with us? Scream at us? You have our attention ...

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