Antonin Scalia and Hypocrisy of the GOP

We have lost a great man in this country. Beyond the loss though is the spotlight his passing shines on the hypocrisy of the GOP Party and their candidates in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election. His death, untimely as it may seem, is a perfect example of why the Republican Party cannot be allowed to ascend to the highest office in the land: President of the United States.

Hypocrisy of the GOP Candidates

The news was barely out when the leading Republican Candidates began their incessant and hypocritical rants. Almost to a one, they opined that President Obama must not be allowed to nominate the next Supreme Court Justice. During the recent GOP Debates, Marco Rubio stated flatly that “the Constitution is not a living, breathing document; It must be interpreted as written.” Okay Mr. Rubio, let’s see what the US Constitution has to say about the process of nominating the next Supreme Court Justice:

Article Two of the United States Constitution places the power of appointing Justices with the President of the United States, stating:

he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint … Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law…

Notice that it says “President of the United States”. It does not say “the person we hope will be President”. It does not say “only if we get our way”. It says President of the United States. Mr. Rubio wants us to interpret the Constitution as it was written? Fine! Mr. Rubio, do as it says. Allow our legally elected and sitting President to carry out his Constitutional Duties.

Running Roughshod Over The Constitution

Ted Cruz has complained that President Obama has run roughshod over the Constitution. He points at the President’s Executive Actions as proof of his claim. But has anyone bothered to look at WHY Mr. Obama has had to use his Constitutionally provided power of Executive Action? Could it perhaps be due to the Republican-controlled Congress? In the seven years our current President has been in office, the Republican Senators and Congressmen have repeatedly abrogated their elected duties and refused to even bring matters up for a vote.

Why have they thrown our country into the lurch? Why have they risked not only our reputation around the world but the health and welfare of our many citizens? Simply put, because “they didn’t want to.” They have stonewalled and delayed, time and time again, refusing to perform the duties of their own elected positions. Instead they read Dr. Seuss and default on our debts. I have a 3-year old grandchild that is more agreeable and more responsible.

So yes Mr. Cruz, our President has had to take some actions above and beyond the norm. But not because he wanted to, it’s because you and your Republican cronies would not put on your big boy pants and do your jobs. You would rather trash America than to negotiate responsibly and reach a compromise that takes some … and gives some too.

Evangelicals and The Higher Authority

The Evangelical faction of the Republican Party is very proud of proclaiming that they live by “God’s Law”. They strut and crow and cast aspersions on anyone they feel doesn’t meet their personal standards of religious piety and obedience to God’s Will.

But it seems God decided to take Judge Antonin Scalia now. Not after the election. Not after the GOP had won the Presidency? No, God chose to take Judge Scalia now. They should take a hint from that fact. God doesn’t often speak so loudly, but He has this time. So either you are a true believer and you will obey God’s wishes, even though they may be inconvenient or not what you wanted … or you will prove your own hypocrisy and continue to pretend to religious beliefs while selfishly and destructively putting your own worldly desires first.

Proof and Warnings

This is just one more glaring example of how out of touch the Republican front-runners are. They speak with forked tongue. They promote their own agenda while attempting to cloak it in the mantle of National Interest. Yet they are so plainly serving only their own self-centered desires. We as Voters in this country need to take heed of their words and their actions. We need to pay attention to the many strident warnings they give us in their daily sound bites. Election of a Republican President will set this country back a century or more.

If we let it happen, it will be our own fault for ignoring the truths plastered all over their campaigns.

Want to agree with us? Scream at us? You have our attention ...

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