I Scared a Young Friend Today

Today we’ve had yet another example of how easily life is destroyed in this country. In fact, in the past two days we’ve had two blaring examples of it. Those are just the ones monopolizing our media. I don’t begin to know how many lives have been snuffed out across our Nation. But I do know this: It’s far too many.

Time For Change

I also know it is way past time for our Nation to change our ways. It is so horribly past the point where we need to stand up and stop the rampant violence that takes so many young and precious lives from our midst. We need to change, and we need to change now.

The Forces of Change

I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. I lived through the Viet Nam War. I saw the power of a united voice to change a Nation. I witnessed first-hand how our many voices combined can bring about growth, peace and a future that is safer and fairer for all. I also witnessed how the Youth of our Nation can make it happen.

Rampant Apathy

But today for whatever reason our Youth seem to have lost the belief in themselves. The mechanical answers I hear all too often are passive denials of self-power and determination. “I’m just one person” or “What good can I do?”

One Hundred Million Voices

The answer to that question, the truth that exposes the hidden lie, is that our Youth are not just “one voice” alone and unsupported. The truth is that our Youth are 100 Million strong. The truth is that they have proven their power in the recent past. In 2008 and again in 2012 when we needed a Leader with passion, dignity and a clear vision for our future, the Youth of our Nation bonded together and helped make it happen.

Going Forward

Now we face another problem. Not just an “issue” .. a real problem. A problem that is deeply rooted and needs to be fixed. A problem that takes young lives, old lives, many lives. Far too many lives. We need our Youth to stand up and declare “We will NOT allow the taking of innocent lives any more!”

To Today’s Youth I say…

It’s been done before. It’s been done by my generation. It’s been done by your generation. It’s time to do it again. End Gun Violence and Racial Bigotry in our Great Nation. It is time to pull together and make it happen.

For. Us. All.

Want to agree with us? Scream at us? You have our attention ...

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